World Tournament

So I would like to share my story why I didn't present on World Tournament day.

     World Tournament was held on Saturday. Me and my class already prepare about our costume and choose one person to be the captain. When I arrived home I immediately set up all of my clothes and stuff for tomorrow. I feel a little bit excited because I think the concept of this World Tournament is quite unique, that's what makes me feel excited. After I finished preparing, I feel my body is hurt and a little bit not feeling well and dizzy, so I go to bed early because I don't want exacerbate the pain and don't want to be late tomorrow.

     I hope when I wake up I feel better, but sadly when I wake up I feel even more unwell. When I try to get up I feel very dizzy. First I try to get up and get some eat because I remember that today is World Tournament, but unfortunately I can't. I decide to get some rest for about an hour because on that day I wake up earlier. But after an hour I di…


I have a dream to run a coffee shop, therefore I take a cooking courses. I attend there every Saturday. It's only once a week since I am a student and busy with homework so that I don't have much time to present on another day.
     I have one friend who took tutoring with me too. Her name is Shofi. We attend the same school, same class, therefore we're really close to each other.
     One day, Shofi and I discuss about our upcoming holiday. We share our holiday plan. I also tell her about the reason why do I plan my holiday as I told told her.

Nasya : Hey Shofi what time is it? It's time to go home right?
Shofi : A few minutes more
Nasya : Cool. It's time to cleaning up. Do you want me to make two cups of coffee before we go?
Shofi : Sure. How come you could love coffee that much? You always make it for me.
Nasya : Ahh.. It's been my dream to run a coffee shop
Shofi : Yeah I can see that. By the way are you already have a plan for our upcoming holiday?

My Desperate Situation

Each of us surely ever experienced desperate situation and so do I. And on this regard I would like to tell you a story about my desperate situation.
     This incident happen when I was 9th grade. On that day I have various schedule, and my first activities was going to Trans Studio Mall Mosque. I need to attend my school recitation since I'm going to be up against national examination. I left my home at 8 o'clock and arrived there at 9 o'clock. Then I rushed to get inside because I'm late. After I found my friends and a spot to seat, I seat and started a conversation with my friends.
     After a few hour listened to a lot of material that we discussed together my friends and I slowly got yawnful. I started to chitchat with my friends about a lot of things that all of sudden come to our mind since we were bored. We share our story about how to overcome our stress because we're going to face the national exam, we discuss about what is the best way to prepare…


Azhar accidentally meet Nasya at a coffee shop when he want to buy coffee and Nasya was accessing the internet to do some work. Azhar greet her because it's been a long time since they met each other. They had a short conversation about Nasya's school Festival.

Azhar : Hallo, Nasya.

Nasya : Hallo Azhar. How's life? It's been a long time since we met right?

Azhar : Yap, seems like it's been a lifetime. What are you doing here? Is it because the wifi?

Nasya : Ha ha ha... You know it so well. How about you?

Azhar : I feel bored because I'm home alone and I think it's a good idea to chill here.

Nasya : Ahh.. You're right. Anyway, you look very tall. If I stand beside you I look like a dwarf. I feel annoyed ha ha ha...

Azhar : You grew taller, but still look short as if a junior high school student.

Nasya : Nah, even a junior high school student is taller than me. By the way, have you heard about GATHAPRAYA?

Azhar : GATHAPRAYA? I'm not really sure. Is tha…


My name is Nasya Aliyah Safitri Maharani. My friends usually called me Nanas, and I'm gonna tell you my story.

     Once upon a time, there was a little family consisting of a lady and a man. After 3 years of their marriage, the lady finally pregnant their first child. They take care of the baby carefully and give it a lot of love. Through 8 months they lie in wait with tender and delighted feeling. Finally, their waiting is paid off. At that sunny day, fifteen of March 2002, born a little girl safely and healthy with a helped of a doctor. The lady and the man become a mother and father and they take care of the little girl tenderly. Now that the little girl grows up, she started to knowing life, learn about it and feels ready enough to start her own journey.

     This story start on my journey when I was thirteen years old. It's my first time to experience junior high school life at 5 Junior High School. As she expected it's not as easy as I thought before, it is a j…