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John Mayer

John Mayer
Each of us surely have a person we admire or a role model right? I do have too. This person is a very great singer. Many person from various age fall in love with his music. This person is into blues genre. His soulful music and meaningful lyric are just a few reasons why do I love John Mayer. I also fall in love with his voice and his aura when he play his guitar is attract me so much.

From all of the album that he made, the album I love the most is 'The Search for Everything' and the song I love the most is 'In The Blood'. But beyond that, all of John Mayer songs is worth to hear.

Every time I was sad, angry, confused, or upset I usually turn on John Mayer song and it is a really effective method for me to calm myself down. The song really fit my mind and soul so that it could make me feel comfortable and let myself calm.
Despite he win so many awards and have so many great achievements, for me all of his work, all off  his masterpiece that influence many peop…
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Raccoons are mammals of the Americas. They can be found in cities as well as in the countryside. There are seven species, or types, of raccoon. The most common is the North American raccoon. The North American raccoon can be found in Canada, the United States, and South America. It prefers wooded areas near water, but it will live in other areas, including large cities. Most raccoons live in the wild. Being around humans does not bother them. They often nest in empty buildings, garages, sheds, and even the attics of houses. Raccoons do not hibernate in the winter. Those that live farther north, where it is colder, grow thick coats to keep them warm and spend long periods sleeping. Raccoons in captivity can live up to 20 years. In the wild, they usually live only 1-3 years. Although raccoons only live 2-3 years in the wild, a raccoon can live up to 20 years in captivity. They can swim and climb well and use their front paws to reach into stream or feel for food. Raccoon are also kno…

Garden by the Bay

Garden by the Bay
Garden by the Bay is located in Singapore near Marina Bay Sand. Why I suggest you to visit this place? Let me tell you why, because once you come here you're not gonna regret it.
This garden is open for public on 29 June 2012.It is the largest at the three gardens and aims to showcase the best of tropical horticulture and garden artistry. Their concept is transform Singapore "Garden City" into "City in a Garden".
This garden is divided into some several areas, there are Bay Central Garden, Bay East Garden and Bay South Garden. From the whole area, I will tell you more about Bay South Garden.
Bay South Garden also divide into some several areas, which named Conservatories, Flower Dome, Cloud Forest, Supertree Grove, Children Garden, Horticultural Themed Garden, and Flower Market. There are many of them but I explain more about Cloud Forest and Supertree Grove which I think is very awesome.
Cloud Forest replicates the cool moist conditions found…

Indirect Speech

Interview With The Wright Brothers 

       In 1905, there was a TV talk show that interview great inventors at the time. Below is a script of interview with The Wright Brothers.
       That day the TV talk show was unexpectedly visited by great inventors. That very special guest is The Wright Brothers on that TV talk shows, the host asked them many questions about their invention.

       Orville said that they invited airplane. Wilbur also explained that the airplane is used to help human being to fly. They get the inspiration to build airplane from their toy. It is a helicopter toy that flew with the help of rubber bands. Since then they have been interested in that idea.
       At first day experimented to build their own helicopter. Then they made their first flight to Kitty Hawk on December 14, 1903. Kitty Hawk had a hill, good breezes, and was sandy. So that it could help soften the landings in case of a crash. They made it for a 12 second and flew for 120 feet.
       Since then…

Tuan Dirga!

Tuan Dirga! What is Tuan Dirga means? Tuan Dirga is an abbreviation from Tujuh Puluh Dua Tahun Dirgahayu Indonesia!.
     So, Tuan Dirga is an event to celebrate our independence day. This event was held on Saturday too. I would like to share my story about Tuan Dirga because I think it is a very fun experiance.

     A few days before Tuan Dirga some of our senior come to our class and publish about Tuan Dirga. They say that this event was held on Saturday at Lapangan Bali and we need to attend there at 7 in the morning. When I heard this information I feel very upset because I can't enjoy my holiday at home and get some sleep. I feel a little bit lazy and had thought to skip. But because they said it's including absences whether I want it or not I still need to attend.
     Let's skip to Saturday. I use my PE clothes and arrived there at 7.15. When I arrived all of my friend already make a line each class so I join my class. The first schedule was greeting from the …

Narrative Text


In the past, there was a puppeteer whose name is Geppetto. He eager to have a son very much but his wife passed away several years ago. One day, he got an idea to make a puppet in order not to be lonely again. He made a puppet all day long. Finally, in the morning he had finished his work and he named the puppet Pinocchio. Soon he felt lonely again since Pinocchio couldn't walk or talk by itself. One night, Geppetto prayed to the God to become a real boy. He always thought it on his mind in his dream.
In the next morning, he was surprised that Pinocchio was alive. He taught Pinocchio how to walk, how to read, how to speak and to do other things as human. He then studied at an elementary school. One day, Pinocchio felt bored and it made him go home late. When Pinocchio finally came home, Geppetto asked him. He said that he was on school but he wasn’t. Instantly, Pinocchio's nose grew longer and…

World Tournament

So I would like to share my story why I didn't present on World Tournament day.

     World Tournament was held on Saturday. Me and my class already prepare about our costume and choose one person to be the captain. When I arrived home I immediately set up all of my clothes and stuff for tomorrow. I feel a little bit excited because I think the concept of this World Tournament is quite unique, that's what makes me feel excited. After I finished preparing, I feel my body is hurt and a little bit not feeling well and dizzy, so I go to bed early because I don't want exacerbate the pain and don't want to be late tomorrow.

     I hope when I wake up I feel better, but sadly when I wake up I feel even more unwell. When I try to get up I feel very dizzy. First I try to get up and get some eat because I remember that today is World Tournament, but unfortunately I can't. I decide to get some rest for about an hour because on that day I wake up earlier. But after an hour I di…